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We maintain anything from small air conditioning units for cooling and freezing rooms. Our customers include for instance municipalities, counties, butchers, shops and major companies in Sweden. Our service technicians are highly trained refrigeration technicians with extensive experience in refrigeration installations.

One of our strengths is that all employees are part of our competence network, in which they through modern communication technologies are in constant contact with the supervisor, who is in direct contact with the manufacturer's support department.

Our customers' installations are registered in a computer system, where its specifications are available, and its history can be traced. This means optimal and efficient processes beneficial for the customer. We are accredited by SWEDAC (reg. No. 5913) which ensures that tasks are performed correctly and are based on internationally recognized standards.

Refrigeration installation

We build and install cooling and freezing rooms, comfort cooling and various types of refrigeration products such as restaurant refrigerators, ice machines, low temperature refrigerators, etc.

ENERGITEKNIK AB has many years of experience in designing cooling and freezing rooms. We dimension the whole plant from the unit to a turnkey installation of special doors, shelves tailored to your products and, if necessary, special flooring that can be driven on by trucks, etc. Some activities require rapid cooling that makes great demands on the system.

If possible, we will also propose an energy saving with the recycling of the cooling effect into heat in the property or warm water in production.

Standard equipment is purchased from well selected manufacturers or so dimensions and we manufacture according to your wishes and requirements.

We also offer

Energy Optimization: Cooling and freezing units are adjusted so that the units are working optimally with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Energy recovery: Cooling and freezing units at the customer's facility is in principle a reverse heat pump, which is usually not utilized. We give suggestions on the rebuilding of these assemblies so that the heat is recycled instead of being drained as waste heat.