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We offer heat pump solutions for larger buildings, both new constructions and existing buildings. Whether it is smaller apartment blocks, industrial premises, offices, castles, greenhouses, churches or sports facilities.

Regardless of the heat pump solution that fits the building or facilities needs best, the technology is based on converting stored solar energy into heat. The stored solar energy can be extracted either from outside air or recycled exhaust air. Furthermore, solar energy can also be recovered by drawing energy from the bedrock and a 100-200 meter deep borehole, heat absorbing collectors either buried underground or submerged with weights at the bottom of lakes. Regardless of how the energy is collected it is converted into heat or hot water and in some cases even cold air for a/c by the heat pump.

IVT offer advantageous guarantees and useful accessories and features. Several of IVT's heat pumps are eco-labeled with Svanen.

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