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Ground source and water-based heat pumps can extract heat from stored solar energy in the ground or from water. By utilizing the energy stored in the bedrock, soil, at the bottoms of lakes or in the groundwater the heat pump provides your house with heat and hot water.

Ground-source installations are either vertical borehole systems or horizontal shallow-grid systems. Energy can be extracted from the bedrock by drilling a 100-200 meter deep hole and thus lead the heat up to the heat pump. Horizontal shallow-grid systems works by digging heat absorbing collectors a bit under the surface of the ground in the garden so as to extract stored heat from there. One of the water-based systems works in the same way with the difference that the heat absorbing collectors are instead laid out at the bottom of lakes and held down by weights. This means that no major operation needs to be done on the site. Extracting heat from the ground water is mainly an option for some lots at the countryside and works in the same way as the vertical borehole systems, namely by extracting energy via a borehole in the ground and thus get contact with the ground water.

IVT provides heat pumps eco-labelled with the Swedish Svanen and comes with advantageous guarantees and beneficial accessories and features. Among other things, you can supplement the heat pump with solar panels, connect it to also heat the water in the pool or to control the heat pump through a smartphone.

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