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ETK exhaust air heat pump utilizes the energy of the warm ventilation air that is generated partly by the heating system, and of all other sources of heat in the house, such as electronics, people, solar radiation, and all other waste heat that would otherwise be lost.

The recovery of 100% of the energy generated in the house is the benefits of a high efficiency exhaust air heat pump. The energy recovery is always effective regardless of outside temperature, unlike other types of heat pumps which lose power the colder the outside air becomes. An ETK3500, ETK5000 or ETK6500 always have 20° C air to extract energy from, independent of outside temperature. Therefore, it provides full power under all operating conditions.

The heat pump supplies the house with both heating and hot water. Fresh air is taken into the house through vents in the exterior walls, slit vents in the windows or other supply air diffusers. Also a supply air unit, which is preheated by the heat pump, may be an option. Used exhaust air is vented through the house's duct system.

ETK exhaust air heat pumps can reduce energy consumption in a villa between 50-65% depending on the house size and insulation properties.

ETK exhaust air heat pumps are installed in houses with mechanical ventilation.

There are three versions to choose from, depending on your house's conditions and the size of the living space. Power-wise ETK3500 is suitable for smaller homes of about 70-100 sq.m. ETK5000 is adapted for villas of about 100-160 sq.m. and ETK6500 for larger villas with a living area of ​​about 160-220 sq.m.

Some advantages with ETK exhaust air heat pumps, in addition to the simple installation, is that they also provides legionella safe water, reduces radon risk and reduces mold problems. ETK exhaust air heat pumps are lower and quieter than similar products on the market. If the ceiling is particularly low, the ventilation connections can be mounted on the side of the heat pump. You can choose whether you want the heat pump to be in brushed aluminium or have a white finish.


ETK exhaust air heat pumps are manufactured in Sweden by certified refrigeration technicians. The components come from well-proven world-leading suppliers.

ETK3500, ETK5000 and ETK6500 are tested and adjusted before delivery.

Two years manufacturer waranty.

Six years guarantee insurance on the swedish market.

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